Thermal-Air Massage Baths

Often times the best ideas are the simple ones.  To enhance your bathing pleasure in a different way, you can enjoy the soothing sensation of thousands of tiny bubbles surrounding your body and gently caressing your cares away.  The 108 air injectors are strategically situated to allow for maximum enjoyment.  Unlike most Air Bath systems, we use a patented check valve system beneath the tub which keeps moisture from entering the air plumbing system. The heated air supply is volume controllable from a gentle to a vigorous massage, and everything in between.  In the Wave mode, the blower speed undulates automatically between the high and low speeds to give the sensation of a soothing wave action.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


Our system has an automatic one minute purge cycle which activates twenty minutes after the tub has been drained.  This purge cycle will remove any traces of residual moisture remaining in the individual air injectors, maintaining a dry and sanitary system.

Experience the difference TradeWind makes.


The Thermal-Air Massage may be purchased as your primary massage system or ordered in conjunction with our Hydro-Massage system to give you the best of both worlds - Thermal-Air to stimulate blood flow, and Hydro-Massage for deep muscle massage. 

The Thermal-Air Massage - You won't be disappointed.

Thermal Air Package may be added to any Luxury, Standard or Soaking Unit.